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Corey Schallek

"I've been in hospitality for thirteen years. I've worked everything from serving, bartending, restaurant management, and bar management. To me hospitality is not an industry it's a way of life. It's a philosophy for how we treat each other and a code I try to live by. Cocktails at face value are beautiful little tipples, but dig a bit deeper and you will see a fantastic world of agriculture, chemistry, society, technology, exploration and history. Who wouldn't want to be at the center of all that action? I've created this club to share my love of everything mixed and bridge the gap between the spirits sitting behind the bar and the spirits sitting in front of it."

My Resume!

I've worked at some amazing bars and restaurants over the years and learned something different at each one along the way.

Culture Shock ~ Ithaca, NY

The Gates ~ Ithaca, NY

York Trading & Co. ~ Sydney, AU

Fat Ruperts ~ Sydney, AU

The Argyle ~ Sydney, AU

La Bella Vita ~ Bar Harbor, ME

Opal Sands ~ Clearwater, FL

Stewman's ~ Bar Harbor, ME

Etaru ~ Hallandale Beach, FL

Zuma ~ Boston, MA

Drinkmaster ~ Boston, MA

Salt & Steel ~ Bar Harbor, ME